SH 시리즈 엔드리스 와이어 쏘(Endless Wire Saw)란?

Endless Diamond Wire Saw Machine

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SG series structure
다이아몬드 와이어 루프
다이아몬드 와이어 루프

A horizontally wire cutting machine, is a specialized piece of equipment used for precision cutting of various materials. Unlike traditional vertical cutting machines, which move the cutting tool vertically to make cuts, a horizontally oriented wire cutting machine operates with its cutting wire positioned horizontally

How our horizontally wire cutting machine generally works:

Workpiece Mounting:

The material to be cut is securely mounted on a worktable or fixture. The workpiece can be positioned in such a way that the cutting plane is parallel to the ground.

Wire Installation:

A thin but strong cutting wire, such as an endless diamond wire, is threaded around a set of wheels or pulleys. These wheels are typically mounted on opposite ends of the machine’s structure. The wire is tensioned properly to ensure it remains rigid during cutting.

Wire Guidance:

The cutting wire is guided along a predetermined cutting path. The path is usually programmable and can be precisely controlled to achieve the desired cutting shape and dimensions.

Cutting Process:

As the wire moves along its path, it comes into contact with the workpiece. The abrasiveness and hardness of the diamond-coated wire allow it to gradually and precisely cut through the material.

Cooling and Lubrication:

Depending on the material being cut, a cooling or lubrication system may be employed to manage heat generated during the cutting process. This helps prevent overheating and ensures the integrity of the cut.

Precision Control:

The machine’s horizontal orientation allows for intricate and precise cuts along the material’s surface. The movement of the wire can be controlled with high accuracy, making it suitable for applications that require fine details and tight tolerances.

Material Feed:

In some cases, the workpiece itself may move relative to the cutting wire to facilitate the cutting process. This is often achieved through the movement of the worktable or fixture holding the material.

Waste Management:

As the cutting progresses, a slit or kerf is created in the material. Waste material generated during the cutting process is typically managed and removed to maintain clean and accurate cuts.Horizontal wire cutting machines offer several advantages, such as the ability to cut large and flat workpieces with high precision. They are commonly used in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, solar panel production, and optical device fabrication, where precise cuts are essential to ensure product quality.

Horizontal wire cutting machines offer several advantages, such as the ability to cut large and flat workpieces with high precision. They are commonly used in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, solar graphite production, and optical device fabrication, where precise cuts are essential to ensure product quality.

There are several models of SG series Horizontal Wire Cutting  based on different size

Introducing All Our Machine Series: SV, SH, SG, SVO, and SVC

Our machine series, SV, SH, SG, SVO, and SVC, encapsulate precision engineering and tailored solutions. Each series is meticulously designed to address specific cutting needs and industries.

SV Series: Vertical Structure

The SV series excels in vertical cutting applications. Whether it’s semiconductor wafers or photovoltaic cells, this series ensures accurate vertical cuts.

SH Series: Horizontal Structure

The SH series is engineered for horizontal wire cutting tasks like glass and ceramics. It sets high standards for precision in horizontal cuts.

SG Series: Gantry Structure

The SG series excels in gantry cutting tasks. It delivers precise cuts for intricate components, maintaining accuracy on a larger scale.

SVO Series: Vertical Structure with Open-End Diamond Wire

The SVO series employs open-end diamond wire for versatile cutting, catering to intricate designs and expansive projects.

SVC Series: Vertical Structure with Connectable Diamond Wire

The SVC series introduces connectable diamond wire technology. It offers limitless cutting dimensions, suitable for unique industrial demands.

Each series reflects our commitment to precision, efficiency, and customized solutions.

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Horizontal wire cutting cut can be adapted to all cutting scene with an satisfying performance

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We have worked with different companies to take their ideas from conception to realisation of their efficiency and a cutting solutions. Whether it’s a customised function or a customised look, we can provide you with the perfect processing solutions.

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At Shine, our mission is to be globally competitive in a growthing new market. Our goal is to be the global supplier of choice for endless wire cut machines. Through innovation, we can provide better products to our customers. We help more companies to further improve productivity, reduce labor costs and meet production demands.

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