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Small Wire Saw Machine

What is The Laboratory Cutting Machine

The Laboratory Cutting Machine is a precision instrument that is used to cut various types of materials, specimens, or samples for research, experimentation, and testing purposes. These machines are commonly found in research laboratories, quality control facilities, and testing centers across a wide range of disciplines, including materials science, biology, chemistry, engineering, and more.

Laboratory Cutting Machines are designed to ensure consistency in sample preparation, which is crucial for obtaining reliable and repeatable research results. They are also used to create precise cuts that are necessary for certain types of experiments and testing procedures.


This SVD series are vertical wire cutting equipments , the endless diamond wire is perpendicular to the ground, and the cutting wire moves from left to right. It has X axis and Y axis moving automatically , Z axis is a fixed distance .

There are several models of this SV series endless wire cut machine, they have same Vertically cutting structure but different size.

Here is a spec list and we can also customize for your material size

Endless Wire Saw Machine Models

Laboratory Cutting Machine 1

The diamond wire loop(cutting wire) and guiding wheels are consumables,guiding wheel need to be changed every 5 to 10 months according to operation frequency.
this machine models have both wet and dry cut version ,they looks a little bit different.but structures are same.

The Application of This Endless Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Ứng dụngDescription
Block material slicing and peelingUsing ring-shaped diamond wire to slice and peel block-shaped materials.
Graphite bipolar plate slicing for fuel cellsCutting and sectioning graphite bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cells.
Ceramic evaporating boat ingredient cuttingSlicing and sectioning ceramic evaporating boats for ingredient preparation.
Composite material slicing and sectioningUtilizing ring-shaped diamond wire for cutting and sectioning carbon-carbon composite materials.
High-temperature carbon-carbon sealing ring cuttingCutting carbon-carbon sealing rings used in high-temperature thermal environments.
All material suitable to do dry cut and processing length between 300-3000mm
  • This series of models can be installed with special-shaped cutting program if required

The Advantages of This Endless Diamond Wire Saw Machine

1) High efficiency, Cutting speed is faster than bandsaw cutting machine
2) High precision, The tolerance of this machine is ±0.05 mm
3) Fully automatic, one person operation
4) less kerf loss compare to bandsaw
5) It cut all material no matter is conductive or not
6) Achieve smooth surface no matter it’s soft or hard or brittle material

Model SVD17060 Technical Parameter

1Max workpiece length1700 mm
2Max workpiece width800 mm
3Max workpiece height600 mm
4Worktable X-axis travel1700 mm
5Worktable Y-axis travel800 mm
6Motor power2.2kw
7electric0.6 Mpa
10Machine Size4500*2100*2000 mm
11Machine Weight2500 kg
The data is for reference only, subject to the contract information
YouTube băng hình

The video shows the functions of this endless diamond wire cutting machine

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500719458 重化工企业人员操作电气设备(非企业商用)
Laboratory Cutting Machine 2

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Vertical Wire Cutting Machine Details

Cut Graphite ,Cut Glass, Cut Quartz ,Cut Meteorite


Sourcing Wire Cutting Machine From Shine Wire Cut

  • For Factory Owners

We have worked with different companies to take their ideas from conception to realisation of their efficiency and a cutting solutions. Whether it’s a customised function or a customised look, we can provide you with the perfect processing solutions.

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Our modern production plant allows us to offer great quality options to appeal to your target customers. As a distributor you can trust that our streamlined manufacturing processes are here to provide you with the best machine in the market.

  • For National Agents

Being one of the most famous endless diamond wire cutting Machine manufacturing companies, we offer the best quality products at a significantly low cost. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you get to also extend great prices to your customers.

Why Choose Shine Wire Cut

At Shine, our mission is to be globally competitive in a growthing new market. Our goal is to be the global supplier of choice for endless wire cut machines. Through innovation, we can provide better products to our customers. We help more companies to further improve productivity, reduce labor costs and meet production demands.

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