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-(Wire Cutting Machine) with Integrated Swinging Function

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The highlight of this Swinging Wire Cutting Machine is the addition of the cutting wire’s oscillation function and multi-wire cutting. By addressing the challenges encountered in cutting superhard materials, we have enhanced the swinging amplitude of the guide wheels in the circular wire cutting equipment. This enables faster cutting of materials such as sapphire and quartz, resulting in smoother surfaces. Additionally, we have overcome tensioning issues, allowing for simultaneous cutting with 5 circular wires, thereby increasing cutting efficiency.

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Swinging Wire Cutting Machine Client On-site Video

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Unique advantages of the Swinging function

1,Netteté exceptionnelle

Adding a swing motion when cutting hard materials can enhance the sharpness of the cutting wire, resulting in faster cutting speeds. Normally the cut speed of quartz is 7 mm/min but with aswing function, the cut speed can be rised to 10 to 12 mm/min.

2,Qualité de surface supérieure :

The cutting surface of the diamond wire is usually very smooth. Adding a swinging motion to the cutting wire is equivalent to grinding during cutting, resulting in an even better cutting surface finish.

4,Cutting with 5 wires simultaneously.

The equipment’s guide wheel simultaneously carries 5 loop diamond wires, enabling cutting of 6 pieces of material at once, significantly enhancing production efficiency.

Swinging Wire Cutting Machine
Swinging 5 Wire Cutting Machine- SGTS 40 3
machine de découpe multi-fils
Swinging 5 Wire Cutting Machine- SGTS 40 4

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Swinging Wire Cutting Machine Details

Le principe de fonctionnement de cette scie à fil coupé en graphite

1,Gantry-style Cutting

Drawing of Gantry-style Cutting

2, contrôle et précision :

L'équipement offre une précision de coupe exceptionnellement élevée, avec une précision allant de 0,05 mm à 0,1 mm, selon la taille de la pièce.

The swing degree can be set from the system.

Parameter of this Swinging Wire Cutting Machine:

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there are machines of different size and additional function similar to this Swinging Wire Cutting Machine type.

Successful Applications of this SGTS 40

IMG 0619
Swinging 5 Wire Cutting Machine- SGTS 40 6

Assistance et services

Maintenance et entretien :

We provide comprehensive maintenance and servicing services to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the Swinging Wire Cutting Machine. Our dedicated maintenance team possesses extensive experience and technical knowledge to promptly respond to and resolve equipment issues. We made check list to conduct regular preventive maintenance, inspecting and adjusting critical components to ensure optimal performance and accuracy. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, we are committed to delivering fast and efficient servicing to minimize equipment downtime.


We offer comprehensive training programs designed to empower customers with in-depth knowledge and proficiency in operating and maintaining . Our training courses cover basic equipment operation, safe usage practices, maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting. Customized training content and flexible training methods, including on-site training, remote training, and provision of training materials, are provided based on customer needs and backgrounds. Through our training programs, customers can enhance their operational skills, improve equipment efficiency, and ensure long-term reliable performance.


Nous fournissons des professionnels des services de consultation to meet customer needs for this Swinging Wire Cutting Machine. Our team of experts offers tailored advice and solutions based on specific requirements. Whether it’s equipment selection, process optimization, production line layout, or quality control, we collaborate with customers, providing professional guidance and technical support. We strive to establish long-term partnerships with customers, working together to address various technical and engineering challenges, meet their needs, and achieve mutual success.

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