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-Replace ID Saw


Model SG25 has a closed-loop diamond wire that can move in a single direction without the need for reversing. The circular diamond wire enables high linear speeds, reaching even up to 60 m/s. As a result, it allows for fast cutting speeds and maintaining superior cutting surface quality.

Say goodbye to outdated cutting methods and welcome the future of optical glass cutting machine with our cutting-edge Endless Wire Saw Model SG25. Specifically engineered to address the limitations of traditional inner diameter saws, the SG25 sets new standards in efficiency, precision, and versatility.


1,Unmatched Cutting Efficiency:

The SG25 boasts an exceptional cutting efficiency that outperforms the conventional inner diameter saws used for optical glass cutting machine. Our advanced technology empowers the SG25 to slice through optical glass with remarkable speed and accuracy, reducing cutting time and boosting overall productivity. Experience shorter production cycles and meet your deadlines with ease.

2,Precise Optical Glass Cutting machine:

Precision is paramount in the field of optical glass cutting machine , and the SG25 delivers uncompromising accuracy. Its innovative design, coupled with state-of-the-art components, ensures clean, precise cuts that align seamlessly with your design specifications. From intricate shapes to delicate patterns, the SG25 guarantees consistent precision in every cut.

3,Versatile Replacement for Old ID Saws:

id saw

Bid farewell to outdated and inefficient cutting machines. The SG25 is engineered to be a direct replacement for old inner diameter saws in optical glass cutting applications. Its superior cutting efficiency makes it the ideal solution to upgrade your manufacturing process. Seamlessly integrate the SG25 into your workflow and experience immediate improvements in both productivity and product quality.


The primary difference between an inner diameter saw and an endless wire saw lies in their cutting mechanisms and the advantages they offer in various cutting applications:

Inner Diameter Saw:

An inner diameter saw, also known as an ID saw, is a traditional cutting machine used for various materials, including optical glass. This type of saw features a circular blade with a fixed diameter. The material to be cut is positioned around the blade, and the blade rotates to cut through the material.

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Here are some key characteristics of inner diameter saws:

  1. Limited Cutting Depth: Inner diameter saws are limited by the size of the circular blade. The cutting depth is determined by the radius of the blade, which can restrict the thickness of the workpiece that can be cut.
  2. Material Waste: The circular blade of an inner diameter saw results in a significant amount of material waste in the form of the cut width and the circular core. This is particularly pronounced when cutting out shapes or patterns from a larger sheet.
  3. Cutting Efficiency: While inner diameter saws are effective for certain applications, their cutting efficiency can be lower when compared to more advanced cutting technologies.

Endless Wire Saw:

An endless wire saw, on the other hand, is a cutting machine that uses a continuous loop of cutting wire, often coated with abrasive materials like diamond particles. This wire runs on a set of pulleys and moves through the material to make cuts.

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Here are the key characteristics of endless wire saws:

  1. Continuous Cutting: The continuous loop of the cutting wire allows for non-stop cutting of workpieces, regardless of their size or shape. This eliminates the limitations of the blade’s diameter and enables the cutting of large and thick materials.
  2. Minimal Material Waste: Endless wire saws produce minimal material waste due to the thinness of the cutting wire. This is especially beneficial when cutting valuable materials like optical glass, where reducing waste is crucial.
  3. 汎用性がある: Endless wire saws are versatile and adaptable to various materials and shapes. They are particularly effective for cutting intricate patterns, complex geometries, and irregular shapes.
  4. Efficiency: Endless wire saws often offer higher cutting efficiency due to their continuous cutting action and reduced material waste.




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成功事例の写真 光学ガラス切断機


1,Magnetic industry:

this machine model can cut NefeB blocks with efficiency.


SG 20、SG25、SG30 は、ルビー カット、ジェイド カット、エメラルド カット、ガーネット カット、トパーズ カット、アメジスト カット、ターコイズ カット、コーラル カットなど、非常に小さなカーフロスとはるかに優れた切断面で宝石をカットするのに使用できます。


SG 20,SG25,SG30 can both used to cut Meteorite with a very smaller kerf loss and very fast cutting speed.such as 鉄隕石 カット、石の隕石 カット、石鉄隕石 カット、炭素質コンドライト カット、衝撃変成隕石カット、金属隕石カット。

4,University and Lab :

SG series machine are quite small, it’s like a refrigerator but with all needed function, so it’s quite popular to be a school and lab machinery.


The working principle of this Optical Glass Cutting Machine


The cutting wire is positioned parallel to the ground, while the glass rod or blocks are parallelly placed on the loading platform.



3,Gantry Cutting:

As the cutting wire moves, whole wheel system move from top to bottom, allowing for gantry cutting of the glasses.

SG Series Wire Saw jpg
Optical Glass Cutting Machine 7





1, Machine Dimension:  L800 mm*W850 mm*H1920 mm

2 電源:4kw 220V

3 モーター速度:2100 RMP

4  Total Weight:400 KG 

5  loading capacity:100 KG

6  Max linear speed:38 m/s


材料寸法 : より小さい L250 mm*W250 mm*H250 mm

There are other types of optical glass cutting machine

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当社は、シリコンインゴット切断機の操作とメンテナンスに関する深い知識と熟練度を顧客に提供するように設計された包括的なトレーニング プログラムを提供しています。当社のトレーニング コースでは、基本的な機器の操作、安全な使用法、メンテナンス手順、トラブルシューティングについて説明します。お客様のニーズや背景に合わせて、出張研修、遠隔研修、教材の提供など、カスタマイズされた研修内容と柔軟な研修方法を提供します。当社のトレーニング プログラムを通じて、お客様は操作スキルを向上させ、機器の効率を向上させ、長期にわたって信頼性の高いパフォーマンスを確保することができます。


私たちはプロフェッショナルを提供します コンサルティングサービス シリコンインゴット切断機およびその関連分野におけるお客様のニーズにお応えします。当社の専門家チームは、特定の要件に基づいてカスタマイズされたアドバイスとソリューションを提供します。機器の選択、プロセスの最適化、生産ラインのレイアウト、品質管理など、当社はお客様と協力して、専門的な指導と技術サポートを提供します。当社は、お客様との長期的なパートナーシップを確立し、協力してさまざまな技術的およびエンジニアリング上の課題に対処し、お客様のニーズを満たし、相互の成功を達成するよう努めています。




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Optical Glass Cutting Machine 9


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