Segment Coated Diamond Wire Loop

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Segment Coated Diamond Wire Loop 1

The segmented coating diamond wire does not cover the cutting wire surface completely; instead, there are evenly distributed gaps. These gaps can accommodate a large amount of material debris. Moreover, this coating method can increase the flexibility of the wire, allowing for the production of thicker diameter cutting wires. This type of wire has significant advantages when cutting materials such as graphite, corrugated paper, stone, foam cement, and tires.

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Segment Coated Diamond Wire Loop 2
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Segment Coated Diamond Wire Loop 3
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Segment Coated Diamond Wire Loop 4
diamond wire loop pakage
Segment Coated Diamond Wire Loop 5

Technical Spec Parameter


  1. The working tension is generally half of the breaking tension, but as long as it does not exceed, it can be used.
  2. If the length of the wire is not within the recommended length, please communicate with us.
  3. Various materials can be cut as long as their hardness is lower than that of diamonds.

Advantages of Segment Coated Diamond Wire Loop

  • Debris removal space is Bigger.

Conventional wire loops are fully coated with diamond particles on the surface. When cutting materials with relatively low hardness but prone to generating a large amount of debris, the cutting force is often not the primary requirement. The inability to smoothly expel a large amount of debris results in the encapsulation of diamond particles on the cutting wire, wasting cutting force.

The segmented coating creates alot space on the surface of the cutting wire, which can accommodate a large amount of material debris during the cutting process. As the cutting wire moves, it carries and discharges the debris, significantly increasing its chip removal capacity.

  • Longer Serving Life

The rapid discharge of debris ensures that the surface of the diamond wire remains free from debris accumulation, keeping it sharper and more effectively utilized. As a result, the threaded coating wire loop can have a lifespan 2 to 3 times longer compared to traditional fully coated wires.

Applications of Thread Coated Diamond Wire Loop

And More Applications!

Q&A about Segment Coated Diamond Wire Loop

  • What materials can I cut with the segment coated diamond wire Loop ?

You can cut a variety of hard materials with the diamond wire including glass, ceramic, stone and graphite…

You can cut material which need to keep it’s structure ,such as honeycomb material,Fossils,cultural relics and so on.

En cualquier caso, puede cortar cualquier cosa más blanda que el diamante, y es extremadamente adecuada para cortar diamantes caros.

  • what is the difference between segment coated diamond wire loop and traditonal ones?

the video show 3 different type of bucle de hilo diamantados.

  • How long will a endless diamond wire loop last?

The lifespan of a endless diamond wire loop will vary depending on the material you are cutting and the thickness of the wire. However, most diamond wires will last for several days of use.

  • What are the environmental benefits of using an endless wire saw?

Endless wire loops are a more environmentally friendly because it’s wire dia is quite small, so the cutting kerf is small too. By this way the material Debris removal will be Substantially reduced.

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